Our Programs


Life Beyond the Classroom

Ynotu2 Joins with local community leaders and public figures to discuss with students. what to expect and a means to prepare for life when they are no longer sheltered by the structured setting, which school provides.

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Employment Struggles?

Struggling to find employment or training due to your background or circumstance? Use our network to find programs and organizations that can assist you.

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Need a Little Help

Struggling to pay your biils? In danger of losing your home? Use our emergency contact list to find an organization or program, to help you get back on your feet.

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Yearly Events


Night Before Christmas

Our goal is to provide an educational and fun, holiday experience for disadvantaged youth in the midlands.

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School Days/First Day Festival

Our goal is, to assist families by providing backpacks and school supplies, with the intention of minimizing the financial stress of dealing with the cost of the start of the school year. We will also provide an educational and fun, experience for the disadvantage youth in the Columbia area.

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#Iamnonviolent Back to School Bash

Our goal is, to promote non violent interaction and community building in the Orangeburg, SC area. We use this platform to also assist families with support for back to school expenses in preparation for the school year.  

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